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Operation Zero Landfill

Carolina Recycle Partners, LLC., provides key recycling services to tire manufacturers across North America, in order to achieve zero landfill. With our exclusive process, Carolina Recycle Partners operates technology for separating metal and unvulcanized rubber that no other company in the United States offers. Additionally, this technology preserves the properties of the unvulcanized rubber during processing. 
By preserving the unvulcanized state of the rubber, we can offer closed-loop recycling solutions that generate tremendous cost savings to the tire plants. By processing scrap from several different tire manufacturers, we are capable of blending the different materials together and thereby disguising the proprietary formulas from any one tire plant.

Materials We Recycle 

  • All types of unvulcanized rubber waste
  • Any type of plastic
  • Butyl bladders
  • Canvas bags
  • Curing package chemicals
  • Processing oil
  • Some types of carbon black
  • Super sacks
  • Tire cord in rolls or pieces
Call Carolina Recycle Partners, LLC. at 704-461-1987, or email info@carolinarecycle.com, to go green today!